Drawn from our own practice, academic and professional networks, and communities of practice, this site gathers and makes available a range of content including strategies, methods, and possibilities that can be implemented and adapted for a range of in-person, online, and hybrid learning environments.

We believe that reflection, evaluation, and assessment are integral to the teaching process and therefore build them into our resources.

We welcome feedback, input, and engagement with these materials at all levels and will be updating the structure of this repository continually to honor that process. We believe that all learning activities should be guided by transparent participant learning goals and we encourage the questioning of established norms that reproduce inequities in and with digital content among learning communities.  

We also encourage you to learn more about us by taking a look at the following pages: Our Approach to understand the critical perspective that defines our digital pedagogy, and About Us to learn about who we are and our values as a collective.

How to use this site

We have gathered sample materials used in our own teaching, and also shared readings, resources, and other information we have found useful in guiding us in our practice. With the understanding that everyone has different teaching styles and contexts, we invite you to use, remix, revise, and adapt any materials found on this site to suit your own teaching needs, but we ask that you credit the individuals or groups named here as authors. We encourage you to share those materials and to provide feedback in return.